Saturday, 6 June 2015


Endless whimpers of yellow leaves
Seem to be lulled by a still noon wind
Weaving dreams on your body’s sandy shore,
Scratching the root of desire at every pore
Where seeds of love wait to sprout in galore;
But where I wait for the opening of a secret door
Before being claimed by the sword-fish on its hunt
To turn me into one of million nameless dead turtles
Who prayed for mercy to the Sun on sands’ shiny floor.

As my Lord draws such a mammoth crowd
On eve of His reincarnation, to us so precious, so dear;
Have we purified our bodies, Sweet Heart
Before we bask in divine light drawing each day so near?

Let us leave our bodies with these yellow leaves dear
Before melting into the core of this vast roaring sea
Wherefrom we shall perhaps see our Lord, our real He .



Tonight I won’t write for you
Like I wrote yesterday,
Won’t write for example that I love you;
For my pet words frighten me this moment
With dire consequences:
Some words interrogate my wounded self
Punctuated by multiple ellipses;

Some others stare at me with anger in their groins
Prompting me to scurry into rat holes
Where red-toothed Time munches bones of past
Stripping memories of their souls;

Tonight I will just breathe you in
To a silence
At the bottom of my soul where nothing stirs
Except a long shadow of a sickle moon
Inside the incubator of the night,
That gasps under blanket of clouds
To form some meaningful image
Within range of our limited sight .


Saturday, 30 May 2015


You say I’m a weaver of lofty, empty words
Churner of emotions, cooker of sentiments,
Conjurer of dreams, a mere player of chords,
A craftsman superb with fancies’ condiments;

But let me ask you too dear where were you
When volcanoes erupted in my lone yards,
Quakes rocked my soul with cracks but a few,
Craters of wounds oozed streams of words--

From roots of pores pouting pools of blood
When I struggled with myself in love’s lieu,
Engulfed by the deluge from despair’s flood
A mind constantly aching to change its hue ?

Alchemy of love lost does great wonders dear
Springing words from an abyss for all to cheer !



Swans fly in and out of a clear sky
In mind’s afternoon eye
As in chase of some lofty dream they fly
To the edge of some distant horizon
Where tresses of Ocean glint in darkish crimson
In wait for the lover Sun to come and hide,
Before heaving out of a dark nest like a bird
After an act of coition, to fill the lungs
So as to croon inside the caves, of a new liberation .

Tremors from an unknown centre are silenced
Into the compromising waves
That surge to catch up with their flights, but sink deeper
In realization of their limits
To sad whimpers, after wild raves;

Tossing between the two, I jump, hop and jabber
Away into an eerie silence
In the shores of my seething blood,
In infinite wait for an unknown tide
To wash me away in its teeming flood .

@SAROJ K. PADHI 30/05/15

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


I know one day you will come back following
The lines engraved on the pages of my books,
To feel the pulse of my love, blush for a while
And return to the mirror to check out your looks;

Feel the intense hours that would have gone
Into the making of the lines about your absence
That defined the mood of my moments so lone
And then meet the old, exiled lifer, my patience ;

That impregnated body of my thoughts with your
Specter looming in each corner of my existence,
And the hours of my living, loving and slowly dying
Permeated by the breath of your perfumed essence;

You know you loved me then, and love me now too
Love outlasts age, in the bodiless longings of we two.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Sometimes warm like oozes from a hot spring
It fulfils with its balmy flow deep into our being
Making us feel the divine in the ordinary thing
In  empathies, kindnesses and profuse feeling ;

But sometimes so cold, casual, whimsical, specter thin
Distant like a star though bodily in the offing
Killing with unconcern, words and actions so unfeeling
Biting with its indifference, though in the closest ring ;

Sometimes a lonely walk in a crowded street
Under the pale beams of an overshadowed moon,
Caught in potholes of destiny to stumble and bleed
For the healing touch of a hand, love’s greatest boon ;

Each sigh from human heart structures a monument of love
In dales of mutually inclined souls, with blessings from above.



The Earth is too much with me
In spite of her frightening tremors
Defining my days and hours,
Clawing to my soul,
Clinging to the being in invisible showers
Dragging dreams nearer to the imminent fires;

Myths about losing houses of clay haunt me in dreams
Nightmares of body turning into vegetable sends us to screams,
Leaving us to flounder at life’s over-crowed shore
Still desiring for things more and more;

We‘re in dire need now of a reincarnation
Like our lord preparing for one
For our earth threatens to burn into vague ashes
With a blistering Sun,
As in absence of a real fire, emptily we burn
In throes of a hollow consternation !